Fire Stations and Appliances in Surrey.


Welcome to the homepage of Paul Measday, fire brigade enthusiast.  The aim of this site is to show the fire appliances and stations of Surrey, past and present.  I won't say anymore at the moment, apart from feel free to contact me ( if you have any queries or have any photos which could be added to this site.


15/09/2009 - new link added on links page

05/02/2009 - a few updates worth waiting for!  Godstone, Oxted and Limpsfield (old) and Godstone (old) pages updated or created

13/12/2008 - Waitrose Banstead fire of 12/12/2008 plus link to Banstead history added on the Banstead pagec

02/11/2008 - Surrey Fire Expo page added

22/10/2008 - many thanks to Stuart Purves for a photo of the new DTV on the Miscellaneous page

14/10/2008 - apologies for the temporary disappearance of the website and change of URL - caused by a change of ISP

14/10/2008 - thanks to Jim Dunbar for a text correction on the Kingston page.  I have also created a new page for Surrey overseas.  Thanks to Richard at Knight Support for his assistance starting this page.

16/07/2008 - thanks to Colin Davies who has supplied a photo to update the Miscellaneous page

14/07/2008 - a further two updates thanks to Bob Channing's pics - Walton on Thames again and Chertsey

13/07/2008 - Walton on Thames page updated thanks to Bob Channing and one of my pictures from an FBS visit

26/05/2008 - Woking (old) information added and Sunbury page updated.  New page created for third Carshalton (Pound Street) station.

13/04/2008 - Lingfield and Reigate pages updated with a photos from T Smith plus Farnham update.

04/04/2008 - Additional photo inside the North Street (Guildford) fire station courtesy of Matt Brown and Haslemere appliance photos.

26/03/2008 - Additional information added to old station pages for Ashford and Staines

03/03/2008 - New addition of Walton-On-Thames old station and update to Miscellaneous page.  Thanks again to Michael Bissett Powell and T Smith

25/02/2008 - Although slightly out of Surrey, information on a rally in Essex

16/02/2008 - Godstone and Reigate Open Day pages updated updated courtesy of T Smith.

10/02/2008 - Epsom updated courtesy of T Smith photos and refinement to text on Miscellaneous thanks to information from Roger Mardon

08/02/2008 - Painshill has been further updated courtesy of photos from T Smith - many more from this collection to follow over the coming weeks!

03/02/2008 - Reigate, Painshill and Miscellaneous pages updated courtesy of photos from T Smith..

19/01/2008 - Sunbury and Miscellaneous pages updated courtesy of photos from Stuart Purves

06/01/2008 - New stations located in Carshalton (Church) and Esher Green (latter courtesy of information from Michael Bissett Powell) with update to photo for former Esher station on Portsmouth Road

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For details of the appliances in this animation please see individual station pages on this website.

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